What to See in Makassar: The Distinctive Places in Makassar

Choosing Makassar to be the destination during your holiday is such a very great idea that you have to do for real. It is because there are so many awesome things that you can get from this amazing city especially when you can enjoy your leisure time there as well as possible. Furthermore, there are also so various distinctive places that you can find in the city of Makassar. Then, in case you are so willing to know what to see in makassar that can make your holiday impressively different, you better check it out below.

Well, there are several distinctive places that you can put on to your list of what to see in makassar. They are like:

  • Tanah Beru Village

The first distinctive place in Makassar that you have to go to is Tanah Beru Village that is located in the Bulukumba region on the southern of Sulawesi. This kind of village, which is commonly known well as the Pinisi ship making Village, will offer you the unique atmosphere that can excite you as well as possible. So then, you will have the big chance to find out how the local people make the stunning traditional masthead ship when you spend your time there. In addition, the Pinisi ship is such a great masterpiece of the people of Bulukumba as it used to be the most important transportation for trading, fishing, and even cruising. So, it is actually a very nice idea for you to ride this ship, so that you can feel the vibe just like you ride it in its glorious era.

  • The Kodingareng Island

Moreover, the other distinctive destination that you cannot ignore when you have your holiday in Makassar is the Kodingareng Island. You can actually reach this wonderful island by riding a boat from the Bangkoang Port, Makassar for about 45 minutes only. Then, the reason why you have to go to that place is because it can be defined as one of the best spots where you can do your favorite sport activities in the most fun way possible. In the other words, you are allowed to do many exciting things which are like snorkeling, swimming, and so on. So then, you can find so many great spots where you can see the colorful and beautiful fish and corals. Aside of that, you can also play the jet-ski or just take a sunbathing there. Basically, all of those activities will definitely make you free from the boring things and stress you have got from your routines.

After putting it all together, those are some of the distinctive places that you have to come to whenever you want to take a holiday in Makassar. Each of them will be the best things of what to see in makassar for sure. Simply, you will never regret your holiday in the city as long as you visit those places. Even, you will fall in love with them so instantly and always want to go back there in your spare time.

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